Top 10 social media tools you need

Are you making the most of your social media presence? We have put together our list of top 10 social media tools that can revolutionise the way you manage and grow your brand.

From content scheduling to audience engagement, these tools cater to various needs, ensuring there’s something for everyone. You may discover some hidden gems!

  1. Crowdfire

The first to make our list is Crowdfire – the social media management tool that helps you discover and schedule content, and manage all social media accounts in one place. You could say that it is a handy social sidekick that helps social media managers to streamline tasks – from content planning to publishing. 

What makes Crowdfire special is that it is perfect for teams of multiple individuals who are managing one account, and isn’t overcomplicated like some others we have come across.

  1. Buffer

Buffer is the perfect social media toolkit for small businesses, as it helps you to grow your business organically in an affordable way.

Buffer not only helps you manage your content, but it also gives you advice on when to post, what type of post to create and how often you should be posting based off your audience and previous content success.

  1. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is designed to enhance brand visibility and boost traffic by facilitating the planning, scheduling, and publishing of posts.

With its cost-effectiveness, customisation options, and user-friendly interface, SocialPilot stands out as a comprehensive application for efficiently managing social media content.

  1. Sprinklr

Sprinklr is an AI-driven management platform designed to enhance customer experience for businesses of any scale.

By providing access to essential data, insights, and features, Sprinklr’s technology empowers leading brands worldwide to gain insights into their customers, comprehend the market dynamics, and connect with and assist customers across all channels, ultimately fostering business growth.

  1. Canva

Canva transforms everyone into a graphic designer! It offers remarkable capabilities while maintaining simplicity, allowing you to craft a wide range of content. Whether it’s video editing, infographics, or email templates, Canva has something for every business.

The best aspect is its flexibility—you can use it for free or opt for a pro account to unlock unlimited access to all templates.

  1. is a useful tool that shortens and customises URLs and QR codes, making your business links more appealing and user-friendly. No more dealing with long, unattractive links!

This enhances the appearance of your content, making it cleaner and more credible for potential clicks.

  1. Linktree

Linktree simplifies the process by generating a single link for you to share everything you create, curate, and sell on your social media profiles.

This converges into a ‘link in bio’ landing page, strategically designed to share crucial links with your audience and convert them into sales.

  1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social serves as a tool for brand management and intelligence, allowing brands to handle conversations and uncover actionable insights.

If you run a mid to large-sized business with multiple profiles across social media platforms, and budget considerations are not an obstacle, Sprout Social stands out as an excellent choice.

  1. Hootsuite

Among the apps listed, you’ve probably come across Hootsuite, the reigning champion in the social media management arena. It holds the top spot as the number one social media marketing platform for a reason!

Handling a multitude of tasks, Hootsuite excels in scheduling content, seamlessly managing multiple brands and accounts, and most recently, delving into the realm of AI-generated content.

  1. Content Swarm

Our personal favourite HAS to be Content Swarm – the employee advocacy app that supercharges LinkedIn engagement by seamlessly facilitating likes and comments from the trusted individuals in your network.

Constant struggle to get your team to share brand posts? Content Swarm does it for you.

Struggling to reach the right audience? Content Swarm does it for you.

Looking to leverage AI-generated content? Content Swarm does it for you.

Make your choice

Whatever your business is looking for, you’ll find something on our list! Whether you want to schedule posts ahead of time, discover new insights and data, or generate engagement and, in turn, drive sales – you can do all that and more.

If you are particularly interested in Content Swarm, we would love to give you more information.

Request your free trial today!

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