5 things you didn’t know about Content Swarm

While Content Swarm has been somewhat of a hidden gem in the world of marketing, we’re not keeping any secrets. We’re eager to share how you can fully leverage your Content Swarm mobile app to help your business thrive, just like your content will!

Here are five lesser-known insights about Content Swarm…

Your engagement is staggered

Your Content Swarm engagement shouldn’t have a sudden burst. Likes and reactions from your swarm are carefully drip-fed over a 24-hour period thanks to Content Swarm.

This strategy is designed to maximise your content’s reach and provide it with a more natural and organic appeal.

Everything in one place

Unlike platforms like LinkedIn, where you must navigate through numerous connections and followers to find posts from specific individuals, Content Swarm simplifies things.

In our app, you’ll only come across posts from the members of your swarm. This ensures a clutter-free experience and easy access to relevant content.

10X engagement

Content Swarm doesn’t just boost your engagement; it supercharges it. On average, users witness a remarkable 500-1000% increase in engagement within a mere two weeks of using our platform.

Scaling content

If content production has been a hurdle, fear not.

Our team of marketing experts utilises our exclusive Smart Post AI Generator through our Content+ service to create multiple variations of a single post. This means more content without the added stress, ultimately resulting in greater visibility on LinkedIn.

A ‘Swarm’ is not the threat of wasps or bees!

Don’t be alarmed! Simply put, a swarm is a group of people. Typically, this is everyone in your business, but you can add anyone external to your organisation to your swarm, as long as they’re happy receiving some extra engagement that is!

Meet us in person!

Here at Content Swarm, face time really matters. If you are keen on finding out more marketing secrets or have any further questions about Content Swarm, then join our team at stand TP10 at the Technology for Marketing Expo on the 27th and 28th of September and ask away! You’ll find us in orange…

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