Driving Engagement and Expanding Reach: How Content Swarm Revolutionised FJR Recruitment's LinkedIn Strategy

Discover how FJR Recruitment, under the leadership of Neil Owen, leveraged Content Swarm to transform their LinkedIn presence, enhancing engagement and exponentially growing their brand reach.

FJR Recruitment, led by Managing Director Neil Owen, was grappling with declining LinkedIn engagement and diminishing visibility of their posts. They were struggling to harness the potential of their employees’ networks, and constant reminders to the team to share and engage with company posts were proving ineffective and time-consuming.

Enter Content Swarm.

LinkedIn Strategy

Upon adopting Content Swarm, FJR Recruitment experienced a complete overhaul in their LinkedIn strategy. The application’s innovative features tackled two crucial aspects – boosting engagement and multiplying content reach.

The engagement aspect was addressed by Content Swarm’s intelligent algorithm that ensured posts were continually fed with reactions, comments, and shares, keeping them alive and visible well beyond the initial 24-hour lifespan. The hassle of reminding team members to engage with posts was eliminated, saving valuable time and effort.


The reach problem was addressed by Content Swarm’s unique service, Content+. The AI-driven service not only generated customised posts for FJR Recruitment but also transformed their existing content into multiple engaging versions. This enabled the employees to effortlessly share diverse content, tapping into their individual networks and significantly amplifying FJR’s reach on LinkedIn.

What impact did Content Swarm have?

Within a short span, FJR Recruitment witnessed a surge in engagement rates, an expansion in audience reach, and, most importantly, a marked increase in sales and thought leadership prominence.

Content Swarm enabled FJR Recruitment to break free from the limitations of LinkedIn’s algorithm, harnessing the power of their team’s network and quality content to connect and engage with a larger audience. With the adoption of Content Swarm, Neil Owen and his team have revolutionised their LinkedIn strategy, making FJR Recruitment a force to reckon with in the recruitment industry.

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